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Please note  - kits  include all mounting hardware, gas springs, and plans for constructing an accessible storage area under the bed platform. Wood components are not included

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Garry, Thanks for sending the stronger cylinders - great product and customer service.
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RV Hatch Lift FAQ

Ques. Can I install the kit when the temperature is below 50 degrees?

Ans. Yes, Preheat the plate attachment area of the door with a hair dryer, etc., before installing the mounting plate. After installing the plate, keep the baggage compartment at 50 degrees or warmer for a minimum of 48 hours before putting the Hatchlift in service.


Ques. What is the best angle to install the door at - non slide out?

Ans. We recommend setting the initial door height from 140 to 160 degrees. After installation, you can always lower the door position by adjusting the ball stud's location on the curve bracket.


Ques. I installed the mounting plate too high / low on the door?

Ans. You will need to add another mounting plate if the curved bracket will not locate properly

Order a mounting plate repair kit. Order these by phone.


Ques. I need to use shims for mounting the lower bracket on the inside wall?

Ans. Wood shim blocks are included with the kit. They are the correct size for the right angle bracket. Pre Drill before installing with the screws provided.

Make sure you do not penetrate the outside wall of the RV !


Ques. Why do I need to disconnect the spring when not in use?

Ans. It eliminates the stress load placed on the door from the force of the spring. It will also extend the life of the spring. Store in an upright position with the rod end pointing down.