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Please note  - kits  include all mounting hardware, gas springs, and plans for constructing an accessible bed platform. Wood components are not included

RV Bob!
Garry, I don't think I can remember a more satisfying call to a company to obtain technical information and to place an order than the call I had with you this morning. You have a real winner with your Hatchlift product line. The fact that you market complete kits that are RV owner friendly is something that the RV supply and accessory vendors should sit up and take notice of. Wishing you the best of luck in your business.
Marc Grimm


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Platform Bedlift Kits are DIY construction kits for building platform bed frames with accessible storage. The kits enable a capable homeowner the ability to construct double, queen, or king bed platforms in about 4-6 hours. Each kit comes complete with all the hardware, two gas springs and complete instructions for assembly.  

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Platform Bedlift Kit - Double
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Platform Bedlift Kit - Queen Heavy
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Platform Bedlift Kit - Standard King
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Platform Bedlift Kit - Standard Queen
PBLK-QUEEN - Queen Platform Bedlift Kits are designed for queen size standard residential  matt..